Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
There are different sized Bionizer models for different sized pools. Either call us on 1800 10 62 74 or complete the free quote form to receive an instant email with the price of the Bionizer suited for your pool. You’ll be surprised, our pricing is less than most people think it will be.
What are the benefits of converting to Bionizer?
Beautiful, natural drinking quality water to swim in, just like a pristine mountain lake.
No more sore eyes.
No more chlorine smell.
No need to shower after a swim.
No faded swimming costumes.
Ideal for asthma and eczema sufferers.
Never drag heavy bags of salt home from the pool shop again.
Eliminate the use of stabilizer (cyanuric acid) from your pool.
Reduced running costs.
Save $ hundreds on pool power costs every year.
Reduced maintenance issues.
Much gentler on your pool and pool equipment. Zero corrosion from salt and chlorine.
Is the Bionizer an Automatic System?
The Bionizer has sophisticated timers and software to accurately control the daily ionization output and your pump times. After the Bionizer has finished its job for the day (normally two hours or less for most pools), it will shut off automatically and your pump and filter can keep on running independently according to the pump times you set.
Can we keep the existing filter?
Yes, you can. A small percentage of sand filters may require new sand. A small percentage of cartridge filters may require an updated cartridge.
Do I have to empty my pool water?
No. The chlorine in your pool will evaporate off completely within days. If you currently have a salt pool then the salt will gradually dissipate over time with rainfall and backwashing. The salt will not affect the performance of the Bionizer.
What is the warranty?
The Bionizer is covered by a full parts and labour warranty of five years. Bionizer products also come with a 90 day money back guarantee of satisfaction!
Will a Bionizer work in a hot climate?
The Bionizer will work in any climate. Its performance is unaffected by water temperature or climate. We have many customers with Bionizers in tropical North Queensland, Thailand, Europe, and even the harsh arid climate of Arizona and Nevada in the USA working magnificently.
Is copper safe to swim in?
The recommended copper level in your pool is .6ppm. This is well below what the World Health Organization considers as safe levels of copper for daily drinking water.
How do the running costs and maintenance of a Bionizer compare to a Salt Chlorine System?

You should save a considerable amount in running costs and maintenance will be easier.

-You won’t have to ever buy salt or stabilizer again.

-You’ll never have to bath your salt cell in acid to decalcify it again.

-Your electricity bill can be reduced dramatically because you are eliminating the salt cell from your system (a high power cost item) and you no longer have to have your pump running such long hours simply to produce chlorine. It’s not unusual for our customer to reduce their electricity bill by $500-$1000 a year by cutting down their pump times and taking off the salt cell.

-Your pool, its surrounds, and equipment will all last longer because you will eliminate the corrosive nature of salt from the water.

The only running costs of the Bionizer are replacing the sacrificial copper and silver anode pod when needed. On a 50,000 litre pool, this will be around every two and a half years. Less often if your pool is smaller. The Bionizer control centre will tell you when the time has come and it needs replacing. It is a simple screw out the old pod, and screw in the new pod when that time comes. Anodes are $310 from our web store.

So in summary, your pool and equipment will last longer, the pool will be easier to maintain, and you should save $400-$900 a year in costs.

How do the running costs of Bionizer compare with a Chlorine Pool?

The cost of dosing your pool with chlorine and maintaining stabilizer levels in your pool will vary depending on its size and environmental conditions, but for the average back yard pool a figure of $400-$800 a year is common.

The only running costs of the Bionizer are replacing the sacrificial copper and silver anode pod when needed. On a 50,000 litre pool, this will be around every two and a half years. Less often if your pool is smaller. The Bionizer control centre will tell you when the time has come and it needs replacing. It is a simple screw out the old pod, and screw in the new pod when that time comes. Anodes are $270 from our web store.

The end result is that you’ll save $300 -$700 a year when compared to chlorine based pool and get the benefit of swimming in beautiful natural water.

How do I arrange installation?
We have experienced installers in most locations; however it is quite an easy, basic handyman job to install. See our installation video under the “support” section of our website if you want to do it yourself.
Do I have to still test and maintain my water balance?

Yes. Water balance is critical to beautiful water, so testing and maintenance of pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium hardness must still be done.

Our pH Boss automatically reads and controls the pH level in the perfect range 365 days a year. This will eliminate the major burden of testing and adjusting pH levels of your pool and prevent algae attacks caused by too high a pH level. It is important to note that no pool system, whether chlorine based or the Bionizer, can prevent algae from growing if your pH is too high. The pHBoss is highly recommended for this reason.

What other tests do I have to do?

A regular copper test will be good insurance that the Bionizer is on the right setting and performing as it should. We would also recommend a phosphate test be done as well to ensure that they haven’t accumulated in your pool. Phosphates are food for algae to thrive on and can build up in your pool over time from the environment. Bionizer PFP phosphate remover (see our web store) can be used to eliminate any build-up of phosphates.

Most good pool shops will already be testing your water for phosphates, but some don’t.

Will the Pool shop still be able to test my water?
Yes, almost all pool shops can test your water. The tests for Chlorine, Salt level and Stabilizer levels become irrelevant and are replaced by the copper level test which should be .6ppm during summer and .4ppm during the off season. The tests for pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness and Phosphate levels remain relevant and their adjustment method remains the same.
Why hasn’t my pool shop/service man recommended Bionizer?

We don’t sell through pool shops as in general they have always been a chlorine based business model with a completely different philosophical approach to Bionizer. Although most pool shops are aware of how good Bionizer is, it is completely understandable that they prefer to recommend what they can sell themselves.

More and more pool service agents are recommending Bionizer as they realise how easy they are to maintain, but if your pool service man is not up to speed with our system, we are happy to talk to him or alternatively recommend a service man that will look after your Bionized pool.

Will copper stain my pool?

Not likely! Our Bionizer control box is equipped with 'anti-stain' software, which when coupled with regular pool water balance and maintenance more than significantly reduces the risk.

If a pool owner were to run the ionizer excessively without monitoring copper levels, pH, and Total alkalinity, it could result in high copper levels and imbalanced water, leading to copper deposits on pool walls and floors.

Our advanced system automatically determines the optimal daily ionizing level and time based on your pool's water volume. It is essential to enter an accurate measure of your pool’s volume otherwise select the next setting below your estimated pool volume. IE. 38,000 litre pool set the pool volume at 35,000 litres. Keeping the Bionizer in Auto Mode as well as monitoring (and adjusting if necessary) the copper levels weekly allows your copper levels to stay well below the threshold for potential staining. However, it's essential to note that while our system provides significant protection against staining, we can't promise complete immunity. The outcome depends on individual pool care, maintenance, and regular water testing. Especially an accurate pH and Total Alkalinity balance level. As an additional precaution, make it a habit to manually check copper levels regularly. We suggest weekly. If when checking the copper you find it creeping up over several weeks then simply lower the copper ion output according to the Bionizer instructions. Of course the opposite applies if the copper levels are decreasing over several weeks…keeping the copper level at between 0.4 and 0.6 is optimum and the pH between 7.2 and 7.5 as well as the total alkalinity between 80 and 120. Regular water balance adjustment and use of the auto pool cleaner greatly assists in maintaining a pristine pool. In short…pools do not look after themselves.

I have read on the internet that I may still have to add a little chlorine every now and again. Is this true?

You will notice on our home page that our complete pool system comprises three individual components. The Bionizer, the pH Boss, and the Eco Oxidizer. The function of the Eco Oxidizer is to eliminate any build-up of body oils, suntan lotions, makeup, etc. When you use a Bionizer and convert your pool over to a natural body of water, there are no harsh chemicals in the water capable of “burning off” oily substances. If you choose to purchase the Bionizer by itself without the Eco Oxidizer you will have to manually “oxidize” the water every now and again to keep your water sparkling and free from oil build up.

There are a number of different options to do this: oxy shock, hydrogen peroxide (H202), potassium monopersulphate, or liquid chlorine.

Only a tiny amount is needed as we are not adding it in to control or kill algae or bacteria: that job is already being done by the Bionizer. For example, a one liter dose of liquid chlorine (about one dollars’ worth) every 2-4 weeks is normally sufficient to keep the water sparkling. Smaller pools use less. If you choose to use chlorine as your oxidizer, add it just before nightfall, as it will evaporate very quickly in sunlight. By mid-morning the next day, you’ll be back to swimming in chlorine free water.

The Bionizer Eco Oxidizer will eliminate the need to do this.

Is Bionizer an Australian Company?
Bionizer is an Australian owned Company and our products are designed and manufactured in Redland Bay, near Brisbane. We have exported to over 25 different countries, and are proud that we have the most advanced pool system in the world. Thousands of customers all over the world are enjoying the benefits of swimming in chlorine free water.
Can I buy locally?
We ship to all our customers via courier from our factory in Redland Bay, Brisbane. You will receive your order usually within 24-48 hours
How do I order?
Phone us on 1800 10 62 74 and we’ll organise everything for you.