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SAVE $hundreds on annual pump costs
SAVE $hundreds on chemical costs
No more rusting pool surrounds from salt
No more chlorine allergies
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Why Bionizer?

Bionizer beats any other pool system

Bionizer is a NASA-inspired chlorine and salt chlorinator replacement system. Our chlorine-free system uses natural mineral ions, copper and silver, to transform swimming pools and spas to natural fresh water - without needing to use harsh chemicals. Bionizer is a swimming pool purifier for all types of pools and spas whether it is an above ground pool, residential in-ground pool or spa, or a very large resort and commercial pool. Both indoor and outdoor.

Bionizer is Nature

Bionizer was founded in 2000, and is committed to creating a healthier environment by innovating a wide range of products for chlorine-free pool systems. This growing trend is not only for environmental reasons, but also from a general new awareness of organic products and the need to minimize harsh chemicals that impact pool owners' health and that of their family. We have noticed more people are searching for pool solutions that are safe for children prone to asthma or allergies. Bionizer has made it its mission to provide as many people as possible with the best low-chemical solution for their pool, their family and the planet.

Bionizer’s Ultimate Eco Pool System

Take the hassle out of pool care with Bionizer's fully automated ‘Three-In-One’ Eco Pool Care System. This reliable system is a pool owner's dream come true: your ULTIMATE CHLORINE-FREE AUTOMATED system.
The 'Three-In-One' includes a Bionizer model that suits your pool, automated pH control and our exclusive natural pool oxidizer. This sophisticated setup controls and times the pool pump and filter, while at the same time automatically maintaining the water at a level of purity and clarity that will astound you.
These three units are Bionizer’s exclusive signature products and are each high quality stand-alone systems.

Find out more about pH Boss and Eco-Oxidizer.


Bionizer Benefits

What Bionizer brings to your home

  • We have had our Bionizer (and pH Boss and Eco-Oxidizer) running for 4 months and haven't had to adjust levels on anything. It just looks after its self and my sons eczema has not flared up like in our friends salt and chlorine pools. We went to our friends and the kids commented how disgusting the salt water was. If you are putting a pool on this system is a no brainer.
    Longford, Victoria
  • Just wanted to let you know that so far we are very happy with the Bionizer. The pool looks amazing the water is clearer and more inviting than it has ever been. Even with the rain that we have had in the last few days. My husband and I are both kicking ourselves that we didn’t swap over to the Bionizer much sooner!! Thanks
    Aspley, Queensland
  • Fitting the Bionizer system to my pool is best thing I have done. All my friends and family are amazed how good it is to swim in and how beautiful the water looks. My brother has since fitted the Bionizer system to his pool and is over the moon.
    Browns Plains, Queensland
  • We recently had our Bionizer installed. It is now fully operational with pH Boss and the Oxidiser modules. The pool is extremely clear and there is no odour of chlorine at all (because there is no chlorine left in the pool). The swimming experience is different, reminds me of going for a swim in a river or freshwater lake. We are really happy with the product (2 months in) and have found it to work well.
    Wheelers Hill, Victoria
  • I am quite delighted with the performance of your products. I had some initial problems getting the pool chemistry right, but with Bionizer’s expert guidance I overcame these and now have a consistently beautiful pool. Best wishes,
    Peppermint Grove, Perth, WA

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