No credit checks, fast approval…

Avoid the initial outlay and get full benefits of the complete

Bionizer Eco-Pool System.


Pay as little as $116.20 per month, with our “Interest- Free Payment Plan”


Example of our Interest-Free Option

*The Example figures are based on a 2-60L Bionizer, pH Boss and Eco-Oxidizer

Bionizer 2-60L


pH Boss


Eco- Oxidizer




Up Front Costs

20% Deposit

$ 729.00

Admin Fee

$   27.00

Monthly Repayment Amount

$ 121.50

Transaction Fee

$     2.50

Total Upfront Cost


Balance Owing = $124.00 x 23 months

($121.50 Monthly Repayment amount + $2.50 Monthly Transaction Fee)


*The Example figures are based on a 2-60L Bionizer, pH  Boss and Eco-Oxidizer

Important: Title of the goods/ the Bionizer equipment does not change hands until the final payment is made or the goods are paid for in full.

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