Chlorine-Free Freshwater Pools & Spas

A Healthy, Low-Chemical, Low Power Alternative To Chlorine & Salt Pools

Some of the 4,500 Bionized Pools around the world

Why Bionizer?

  • Swim in chlorine-free, drinking quality pool water!
  • Easy maintenance, RELIABLE system, 5 Year Warranty
  • SAVE $hundreds on annual pump costs
  • SAVE $hundreds on chemical costs
  • No more rusting pool surrounds from salt
  • No more chlorine allergies
  • Works superbly not matter the climate, hot, cold, wet, dry
  • No need to drain & refill the pool
  • Bionizer is in 24 countries from hotel pools to backyard pools.

Did you know...

Mineral and Magnesium Pools = Chlorine Pool

You are swimming in the same amount of chlorine as a normal pool despite the Mineral/ Magnesium tagline.

Swim Bionizer. A Healthy, Low-Chemical, Low Power Alternative To Chlorine Pools

Bionizer’s Ultimate Eco Pool System

  • A Life-changingHassle-free pool system… fully automated.
  • Discover the difference the Bionizer Eco Pool System will make to your pocket and your pool.
  • Create the pool of your dreams with Auto pH Balance and Auto Oxidization.
  • Our 90-day money-back guarantee allows you to prove it to yourself risk-free.

Find out more about pH Boss and Eco-Oxidizer.

Mother Nature's System

  • Bionizer was founded in the year 2000
  • Committed to creating a healthier environment by innovating a wide range of products for chlorine-free pool systems.
  • Bionizer’s goal is to minimize the harsh chemicals that impact pool owners’ health and that of their family.
  • Bionizer’s mission is to provide as many people as possible with the best low-chemical solution for their pool, their family and the planet.

How Bionizer Transforms Pools

  • Pool ionisation is an effective way to sanitise pool water
  • No use of harsh chemicals
  • Safe and preferred solution for families who have children with allergies, eczema or asthma
  • NASA was the first to use ionisation for water treatment in the NASA Space Shuttle in the 1960’s and Bionizer has refined and adapted this space technology for eco-friendly pool sanitisation

How our three components work to create the healthiest pool you could imagine.

What Our Customers Are Saying



Bionizer running costs are low:
Bionizer SAVES you $500 – $1000 p.a. compared to using a Salt Chlorinator or Chlorine dosing system.


Bionizer pools save TIME and MONEY as they don’t require chlorine or toxic stabilizer (cyanuric acid).


The Bionizer gives you fresh, healthy drinking quality water. Backwash safely onto your garden and plants. Safe for your family, good for the planet.

What are you waiting for?

Refreshing, drinking quality water is waiting for you