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Chlorine and Bromine Free Spa and Hot Tub Systems

The SpaStar is a safe and proven chlorine-free alternative for spa sanitation. It uses highly effective copper and silver ions to sanitise your water. These ions live permanently in water searching and destroying bacteria and virus. Specially coated titanium cells sanitise and oxidize the water, getting rid of body fats, oils, and other contaminants. You can now enjoy your sparkling, fresh, clean non-toxic spa water without the health threats of chlorine and bromine!

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Chlorine and Bromine Free Spa and Hot Tub Systems

The SpaStar is a chlorine free alternative for spa sanitation. It uses copper and silver ions to sanitise your spa water, and uses titanium plates to oxidise the water and get rid of body oils and other contaminants. You will be able to enjoy your sparkling, clean spa water without the chlorine smell!

Chlorine Free Spa System!

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Why SpaStar?

The ultimate solution for spa sanitation

Bionizer’s SpaStar is a dual sanitising module for spas, hot tubs and swim spas (incl. smaller pools) up to 15,000 litres. It has both an ionising function to sanitise the water as well as an powerful eco-oxidising functionality to give the pool water extra sparkle and to rid the water of hard-to-kill parasites such as crypto and fungus. With SpaStar you will no longer marinate in a soup bowl of toxic chemicals. No more bromine or chlorine, itchy skin or murky uninviting water. SpaStar delivers what other systems simply cannot: clear, healthy, toxic free, inviting spa and pool water.

SpaStar Benefits

What SpaStar will bring to your home

  • D.G.
    We have had our Bionizer (and pH Boss and Eco-Oxidizer) running for 4 months and haven't had to adjust levels on anything. It just looks after its self and my sons eczema has not flared up like in our friends salt and chlorine pools. We went to our friends and the kids commented how disgusting the salt water was. If you are putting a pool on this system is a no brainer.
    Longford, Victoria
  • J.S.
    I would like to share my appreciation for the Bionizer and the pH Boss and the Eco Oxidizer that we have had (Bionizer for years now) on the pool for the last 8 months. In this time we have almost halved our usual acid consumption and reduced our buffer and calcium hardener greatly as well. The pool is just so easy to maintain now and all the tenants and guests have frequently commented on the water quality and how their kids just love our pool water stingy eyes or chlorine smell. We notice the birds drinking the water often and that must be their vote of confidence on just how good that water tastes! Thank you for showing us the way to a true eco pool ...the pH Boss is a must have from now on!
    Noosa Heads, Queensland
  • N.A.
    I have had my Bionizer and pH Boss for four months now. After learning how to use them I find that my pool is crystal clear and the pH Boss is just great! I am now using the vacuum tube heating system in my pool and the only reason I can use this advanced system is because I have a Bionizer chlorine free pool. My friends with salt pools are all lining up to put a pH Boss on their pools…what about some commission!
    Maroubra, New South Wales

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