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Bionizer Pool Supplements

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  1. Ionlife+

    Ionlife+ improves the defences of your pool under harsh and difficult conditions. It does this by extending the life of the copper ions in your pool.
  2. Bionizer Blue

    Bionizer Blue removes microscopic particles that your pool filter cannot remove. It is a non-toxic cationic polymer clarifier (1L).
  3. Bionizer PFP

    Bionizer Phosphate Free Pool is a super concentrated phosphate remover.
  4. LSR

    Leaf Stain Remover- An effective stain remover
  5. Pool Balance Pack

    Our Bionizer Pool Balance Pack consists of 1 x Bionizer Blue, 1 x Ionlife+ and 1 x Bionizer PFP

5 Item(s)

per page