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Why Bionizer?

Bionizer Beats Any Other Pool System

Bionizer is an exciting new development in pool care! At last, a fully automated chlorine-free healthy pool sanitizer used by resorts, domestic pools, swim schools and hotels - that you can rely on! Replace your old salt chlorinator and instead enjoy fresh water to swim in. Bionizer is NASA-inspired technology that uses natural mineral ions, copper and silver to transform swimming pools and spas to natural drinking-water - without using chemicals such as chlorine. Bionizer works on all types of pools and spas whether it is an above ground swim pool or in-ground pool or spa.

Bionizer is the world's only fully digitalised ioniser - which controls the pool pump through its own digital timer. It is an intelligent ionising system that will calculate how much ionising your pool needs without over-ionising, regardless of the pump time you set. Click here for our unique features.