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November 27, 2016
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Three (very simple) Steps to a Permanently Pristine Pool

Rule number one– Keeping a pool looking great is not rocket science. Just follow several easy steps and you cannot go wrong… 97% of the time anyway. We will cover the 3% chance of a hiccup at the end, but just do what we show you here and your pool will look as sweet as an oasis does after a 6-day desert camel trek.
If your pool has decent circulation (water moving freely around the pool with no dead spots) then the rest is easy. A pool with poor water circulation (old or underpowered pump, poorly plumbed system, pipe diameter too small with too many right angles, old or worn filter, filter requires new sand/glass or a new cartridge etc) is never easy to maintain no matter what system you have.
OK…now down to the 3 basic rules or steps that you need to know in the event your pool water appears to be a little dull or cloudy.

1. Balance the water
2. Oxidize the water
3. Clarify the water

Water Balance
The only things you really need to keep your eye on are:
• pH: Maintain pH at 7.2 to 7.5 (Algae loves high pH…keep it in the advised range)
• Total Alkalinity: Maintain total alkalinity at 80 to 100 (these levels don’t fight the pH)
• Copper Level: Maintain the copper ion level at 0.5 to 0.6 ppm (most effective range)
• Phosphates: Maintain phosphates <200 ppm. (Algae loves high phosphate levels)
• Calcium Hardness: Maintain calcium hardness at 200 to 250 ppm
We suggest doing the copper, pH and total alkalinity tests once per week…once per month (or after adverse weather) for the calcium and phosphates.
TIP: Do not add a lot of chemical or product to the water at one time, add smaller amounts more often as this creates a natural equilibrium in the pool water. Remember water is a living thing, it likes to be treated well. Watch how happy it looks when no/low levels of toxic chemicals are in the pool. True! You will notice how it sparkles and creates small vortexes as it circulates. Happy and healthy!

Oxidize the Water
Copper/silver pool water ionizers do not oxidize oils and contaminants that can create cloudy or dull water. Chlorine and peroxide are oxidizers and therefore are able to burn off the suntan oils and perspiration that would otherwise cloud the water. If the pool water hasn’t improved after the water has been rebalanced or it was in balance and still looks cloudy then add an oxidizer. Chlorine free oxidizers such as potassium mono-persulphate are available at pool stores. Even a scoop of a “Nappy San” type of product will oxidize the pool water very well and it will sparkle again. Otherwise a cup or two of liquid chlorine in the evening will restore the appearance of the water by morning if the filter runs for several hours. The sunlight will remove the chlorine rapidly by the next day so the pool water is fresh and clean once again.

Clarify the Water
TDS or total dissolved solids also contribute to unbalanced and dull cloudy water. If the water is balanced and oxidized then adding a polymer based pool water clarifier is the 3rd step. Simply add according to directions on the label and filter for 8 hours or so and backwash the filter or clean the cartridge immediately afterwards. This prevents the residue churning through the filter and returning to the water. Your pool water should be clean and sparkling once more.

Now… in some rare cases these three steps do not bring the pool water back to life again then you will have to do this…

Time for the heavy flocculent (once again a polymer type) that will “drop out” any oxidative overload to the bottom of the pool. Once it does this you simply vacuum the dropout to “waste” and bingo the water will be clear and clean again. Get a decent flocculent from your pool store.
Lo Chlor “Maxi Flocc” is an effective product. Use according to directions and put the filter on re-circulate overnight then turn off allowing the residue to fall to the bottom of the pool where you can vacuum to waste…not back into the filter. If you have a cartridge filter remove the cartridge until after the residue has been vacuumed away.

Finally, if these steps have still failed to return the pool water to its sparkling best the issue lays with your filter… no ifs or buts.

Your filter in most cases will simply require a sand/glass or cartridge change. Boom as soon as this is done the stress is gone! A sparkling pool again. Wow. It is almost unbelievable after the four-step process that the real issue is/was the filter. Trouble is you need to take the first three steps first as these will sort out 97% of cloudy pool water issues.

Then do heavy Flocculent… then the filter. There is nothing outside of these steps. It cannot be anything else providing the circulation and water movement are efficient.
Sand or cartridge change doesn’t do it? You have still got a filter problem. Check that the seals and laterals are all OK and even check the filter barrel. It could be warped or too old meaning new filter.

There it is in plain English.
These 3 steps fix cloudy pool water 97% of the time.

Happy Swimming!

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Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Jenny T. (South East Queensland, QLD) 01/2021

Product Review
Our new bionizer pool is a game changer. After 12 years as a Learn to Swim Teacher it is a treat to spend time in our pool and not smell like chlorine. The Fresh Water Pool is always inviting.
We choose a bionizer pool system to avoid the use of chemicals. It is so wonderful to eliminate harsh chemicals from our pool maintenance routine.
The support team are always available and ever helpful with any query we have as new bionizer customers.
Our family of 4 children & 3 grandchildren, all mermaids, love the beautiful bionizer pool. They spend all day in there and never stingy eyes or chlorine smells.
So pleased we made the change!

Stephen English 10/2020

Google Review
We have just been through the third winter with our pool. In January we bought a pHBoss so we now have all three devices. The pHBoss is so good that I have not had to add anything to the pool apart from one dose of buffer since late January. A completely automatic pool! Fantastic! A 31.5 degree pool and we swim in it nearly every morning around 7 am.

Gregory Peck 11/2020

Facebook Review
We highly recommend these products and this company for quality and excellent service. We have been investing in the Bionizer System for two years now and our pool has never looked better or clearer. The low maintenance required now has ensured it has already paid for itself. I am especially happy that we feel safe swimming regularly especially with my wife's medical condition and her rehab time required in pool. No more strong chlorine smell can only be a positive and good for you. You will be really happy. Do it

Joel 02/2021

Product Review
I use my pool every day summer and winter. I am running the Bionizer unit, Eco oxidiser and PH Boss -55,000L pool with glass filter. My pool has never look better since installing, I love that fresh water feeling. Keep your water balanced and let Bionizer do the rest, best investment I have made for our pool.

Paul H (South East Queensland, QLD) 03/2021

Product Review
When my saltwater chlorinator failed after only 3 years, and the second saltwater cell in 3 years failed at the same time, not surprisingly my pool went as green as your front lawn! I thought there has to be something better than this so I did some online research and stumbled across Bionizer's website. I thought this sounds to good to be true. I did lots of research and spoke to Brian whose knowledge about pool water is second to none! Although it was virtually double the price than replacing the saltwater chlorinator and cell, I was attracted by the claims of the virtual eradication of chemicals and significantly less pool pump use which saves in electricity costs. I was also attracted significantly to the claims around the quality of the water with no chemicals in it and the benefits to skin and health of swimming in what would apparently be like drinking water. I bit the bullet and bought the Bionizer complete with the Eco-oxidizer and the PH Boss.

It took about 2-3 weeks, around 50 litres of liquid chlorine, a couple of phone calls and lots of advice and guidance from Brian and a lot of consistent perseverance but we eventually got the pool water balanced and cleared and now it is crystal clear. The Bionizer was installed around mid January 2021 so for the last few weeks, the pool has been clear and looking wonderful. I have done next to nothing since except test copper levels each week and ensure the water remains balanced and that's it! I've not had to do anything else and the claims are true!!

As someone who suffers from chronic urticaria (hives) and other allergies, swimming in chlorinated water was doing nothing for my skin or allergies. Now I get out of the pool and my skin is not irritated. There is no more trademark tackiness of your skin that you get with chlorinated water. This system is simply fabulous!! I am delighted with the results and would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to kiss goodbye to all those awful chemicals, the endless trips to the pool shop for water analysis, the ever increasing costs of all the chemicals and the hours spent labouring trying to keep your pool water from going green!

Do yourself and everyone who swims in your pool a huge favour and install the Bionizer system. I'm sure you will conclude it will be one of the best decisions you ever made!!!

Robert Rovere 12/2020

Google Review
We first bought a Bionizer at the start of 2019 to try it and recently also bought the Eco Oxidizer to take our commitment to the next level because we were so happy with our purchase. We were astounded at how little maintenance our pool has needed since we added these quality products to the upkeep of our pool. The initial outlay has already paid for itself in full quite easily since.

Visitors even comment on how clean they feel in our pool and they love that there is no chlorine smell on their body or hair. Skin conditions like my eczema are not aggravated and my wife who has MS now feels confident to exercise daily and feel safe about spending all that time in the pool due to the health benefits of using our Bionizer. The pool always looks good and I have attached pictures for you to see for yourselves.

On a personal level the staff at this company are a pleasure to deal with, very caring and compassionate to their customers needs and give excellent service as they are very passionate about health and their products. If you are thinking of investing in these products then you will be very glad you did.