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J F Brisbane Pool Bionizer

J.F. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

“Pool is in Brisbane and is looking good after 8 years! Can’t beat the fresh water.”
A Absolon Rockhampton

Alan A. Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia

"It came to the time to get a new chlorinator when a friend suggested the BIONIZER. (The money I saved on the chemicals quickly paid the extra for the Bionizer) So we found it online and made the call, it was the best thing I've ever done! I was sick of putting expensive chemicals in the pool and it still going green. I feel so much better now for the children as the pool is now chemical free!"

– N.D. Anaheim Hills – Los Angeles, California, United States

“Bionizer is so great in our pool. 12 months now and the pool’s been beautiful. The Bionizer is so good for my daughter’s eczema.”

J.H. Burbank, Queensland, Australia

“Bionizer makes my water sparkle – great product.”

R.M. & L.M. Mernda, Victoria, Australia

“After extensive research from the web I decided on the Bionizer system for sanitising our new pool that I installed 2 years ago now, as a plumber the Bionizer, associated PH Boss & Oxidiser was a treat to install. As a complete novice with all things pool related, the instruction manual & instant phone assistance I was given by the technical staff when required was first class. As mentioned, after 2 years with the Bionizer I have to ask the question: Why would you have anything else?? The kids love it, friends with a daughter that's infected with psoriasis love it due to the remedial /stabilising effect of the water, my wife & I love the fresh /spring water feel. Add the minimal service requirements, even during the lousy Melbourne winter periods, ongoing contact with Bionizer via Emails make this system first class in my book. And no! I don't work for the company...”

P.C. Wheelers Hill, Victoria, Australia

"We recently had our Bionizer installed. It is now fully operational with PhBoss and the Oxidiser modules. The pool is extremely clear and there is no odour of chlorine at all (because there is no chlorine left in the pool). The swimming experience is different, reminds me of going for a swim in a river or freshwater lake. We are really happy with the product (2 months in) and have found it to work well."

A.G. Buderim, Queensland, Australia

“LOVE our Bionizer pool! It’s softer and gorgeous to swim in! Bionizer is the best thing we have done! I love how I don’t stink of chlorine after a swim!”

L.L. Gilbert, Arizona, United States

“I have gone from Sceptic to Believer… Bionizer delivers the cleanest and easiest pool to maintain I have ever had.”

– R.v.S. Lennox Heads, New South Wales, Australia

“My pool and Bionizer – perfect combination!”

– M.M. Mandalong, New South Wales, Australia

“A stunning Bionized pool!”

C.K. & N.K. Nalcorn Si Thammavat, Thailand

“The clarity and the softness of this body hugging water is making you simply feel like in Nirvana.”

N.W. Landsborough, Queensland, Australia

“Everybody loves our BIONIZER pool!”

G.T. Ivanhoe, Victoria, Australia

"Even the wildlife love the pool"

J.C. Mango Hill, Queensland, Australia

"So easy to maintain!"

J.H. Kingsley, Western Australia, Australia

"Love our crystal clear Bionizer pool"

J.H. Shoalwater, Western Australia, Australia

"A Silky Blue Beauty Bionizer Pool"

H.Vd.H. Yarrawonga, New South Wales, Australia

"Hi Ian, In the first place I like to tell you that we are very happy with the Bionizer. It is absolutely perfect for the location we have with lots of trees and bush around as you can see on the picture. We installed the pool at Christmas and we did 2 checkups after about 3 weeks and that was all!! The pool is clear all the time. The pump is running 1/2 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening and that is it. Just in the weekend we have it running for a couple of hours but that is to clean the leafs and dust out but that is because of where it is located. We think it is a special location and if you would like some more or other pictures to promote you product, we are more than happy to support you. Kind regards from a happy customer."

M.A. Browns Plains, Queensland, Australia

"Fitting the Bioniser system to my pool is best thing I have done. All my friends and family are amazed how good is to swim in and how beautiful the water looks. My brother has since fitted the Bioniser system to his pool and is over the moon."

M.P. Ponoma, Queensland, Australia

"Photo of my Bionizer pool"

K.S. Tarragindi, Queensland, Australia

"Photo of my Bionizer pool"

D.A. Mareeba, Queensland, Australia

"Hello Bionizer, I have been using Flotron for many years, then on to Bionizer and have been very happy with them."

M.S. Peregian Beach, Queensland, Australia

"Loving the Bionizer's clean feeling water!"

B.C. Peppermint Grove (Perth), Western Australia, Australia

"Bionizer and pH Boss - What a combination! I am quite delighted with the performance of your products. I had some initial problems getting the pool chemistry right, but with Gary's expert guidance I overcame these and now have a consistently beautiful pool."

B.D. Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia

"Bionizer, best pool system ever."

C.M. Darlington Point, New South Wales, Australia

"My Bionizer pool is looking good."

E.A. Boronia Heights, Queensland, Australia

"Photo of my Bionizer pool."

P.W. Byabarra, New South Wales, Australia

"We were amazed when we converted on New Years Eve from chlorine to the Bionizer and it was crystal clear almost immediately."

P.M. & L.M. Langwarrin, Victoria, Australia

"Photo of our Bionizer pool."

A.D. Greenwood, Western Australia, Australia

"Our water has never looked better."

D.D. Gulmarrad, New South Wales, Australia

"It is only a cheap vinyl pool but Bionizer keeps it sparkling with a minimum of fuss."

T.M. Karratha, Western Australia, Australia

"Beating the 45 degree days with Bionizer."

R.G. Maroochydore, Queensland, Australia

"I have found the Bionizer system that I installed every bit as good as it was said to be. The service and help I have received from Gary at Bionizer has been terrific."

R.D. Brighton, South Australia, Australia

"The pool was designed to be green but was never quite right. My pool now shows it true colour - thanks Bionizer."

C.L. Bexley, New South Wales, Australia

"I have been using Bionizer for around a year so far, it maintains our pool water so clear and safe that I don’t even need to worry about my Dad using the water from pool for his mini-vegetable farm! So safe, so clean, so good!"

D. & H. G. Kambah, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

"Easy to install, happy summers."

T.C. Gisborne, New Zealand

"Bionizer, 4 years, Christal Clear!"
Port Douglas Beach House lraerial2018-2000×1333

Port Douglas Beach House - Kim

Bionizer system on the Port Douglas Beach House
con georgiou pool

Google Review - Con Georgiou

The best pool system hands down, I feel sorry for the salt/chlorene and magnesium pool owners I see at the pool shop lugging bags of chemicals and frustrated with the amount of time they put into there pool. I've wanted a pool for so long but didn't want the time wasting chemical balancing and disgusting taste of a chemical system, my mate introduced me to bionizer and I can't believe it's not the most popular pool system, you simply can't beat fresh water, the pool water is actually drinkable. But pool shops won't tell you that cos they want to sell you chemicals. Bionizer were so helpful in getting the start up and initial balance of the water right, top notch customer service. It's the cheapest system to purchase and maintain, and my pump and pool cleaner will last longer cos there not being corroded by salt. What more can I say
eumundi pool

Google Review - Raylee MacCartie

My husband & I purchased a property in Eumundi with an existing saltwater chlorinated pool. After quite a few problems we decided to change to the Bionizer system. We must admit, being new pool owners and elderly, we found everything rather confusing at first but finally contacted Bionizer who responded quickly with sound, professional advice. We were advised to change from a carbon filter to a sand filter which they organised at a very reasonable price. We now have a beautiful pool that is a pleasure to own and we love the huge reduction in maintenance time and cost. The water feels wonderful and lovely to not have the smell of chlorine and chemicals. We would thoroughly recommend changing to a Bionizer pool or to anyone installing a new system.
matt barrit pool

Google Review - Matt Barritt

We had a Bionizer System on our pool in Bali and now have one on our pool on the Sunshine Coast. The kids love it and can swim all day with eyes open underwater without any irritation. Getting out of the pool there is no need for a shower to rinse off chlorine or other chemicals, its virtually like getting straight out of the shower. Absolutely everybody comments positively about the water clarity and quality in out pool. The pH Boss means when I go away working the pool virtually looks after itself. I highly recommend.
moke jacobs pool

Google Review - Moke Jacobs

I ordered a bionizer after my salt water chlorinator stopped functioning. Changing over to the bionizer was the best decision I could have made. In 3 months all I’ve added is 100ml of acid and a small amount of chlorine once a month. My power bill just came in and was $300 cheaper than this time last year as well. My pool is crystal clear with no Algae . My brother has salt and has had 3 algae break outs after the heavy rain Qld has had this summer.
Untitled design (43)

Product Review - Jenny T (South East Queensland, QLD) (11/12/2020)

Our new bionizer pool is a game changer. After 12 years as a Learn to Swim Teacher it is a treat to spend time in our pool and not smell like chlorine. The Fresh Water Pool is always inviting. We choose a bionizer pool system to avoid the use of chemicals. It is so wonderful to eliminate harsh chemicals from our pool maintenance routine. The support team are always available and ever helpful with any query we have as new bionizer customers. Our family of 4 children & 3 grandchildren, all mermaids, love the beautiful bionizer pool. They spend all day in there and never stingy eyes or chlorine smells. So pleased we made the change!
Malcolm adams

Google Review - Malcolm Adams

Fitting the Bionizer system to our pool would be the best move I could have possibly done, we absolutely love swimming it now and we are very happy that the Grandchildren are not swimming in chemicals. We give it five stars every time.
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Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Jenny T. (South East Queensland, QLD) 01/2021

Product Review
Our new bionizer pool is a game changer. After 12 years as a Learn to Swim Teacher it is a treat to spend time in our pool and not smell like chlorine. The Fresh Water Pool is always inviting.
We choose a bionizer pool system to avoid the use of chemicals. It is so wonderful to eliminate harsh chemicals from our pool maintenance routine.
The support team are always available and ever helpful with any query we have as new bionizer customers.
Our family of 4 children & 3 grandchildren, all mermaids, love the beautiful bionizer pool. They spend all day in there and never stingy eyes or chlorine smells.
So pleased we made the change!

Stephen English 10/2020

Google Review
We have just been through the third winter with our pool. In January we bought a pHBoss so we now have all three devices. The pHBoss is so good that I have not had to add anything to the pool apart from one dose of buffer since late January. A completely automatic pool! Fantastic! A 31.5 degree pool and we swim in it nearly every morning around 7 am.

Gregory Peck 11/2020

Facebook Review
We highly recommend these products and this company for quality and excellent service. We have been investing in the Bionizer System for two years now and our pool has never looked better or clearer. The low maintenance required now has ensured it has already paid for itself. I am especially happy that we feel safe swimming regularly especially with my wife's medical condition and her rehab time required in pool. No more strong chlorine smell can only be a positive and good for you. You will be really happy. Do it

Joel 02/2021

Product Review
I use my pool every day summer and winter. I am running the Bionizer unit, Eco oxidiser and PH Boss -55,000L pool with glass filter. My pool has never look better since installing, I love that fresh water feeling. Keep your water balanced and let Bionizer do the rest, best investment I have made for our pool.

Paul H (South East Queensland, QLD) 03/2021

Product Review
When my saltwater chlorinator failed after only 3 years, and the second saltwater cell in 3 years failed at the same time, not surprisingly my pool went as green as your front lawn! I thought there has to be something better than this so I did some online research and stumbled across Bionizer's website. I thought this sounds to good to be true. I did lots of research and spoke to Brian whose knowledge about pool water is second to none! Although it was virtually double the price than replacing the saltwater chlorinator and cell, I was attracted by the claims of the virtual eradication of chemicals and significantly less pool pump use which saves in electricity costs. I was also attracted significantly to the claims around the quality of the water with no chemicals in it and the benefits to skin and health of swimming in what would apparently be like drinking water. I bit the bullet and bought the Bionizer complete with the Eco-oxidizer and the PH Boss.

It took about 2-3 weeks, around 50 litres of liquid chlorine, a couple of phone calls and lots of advice and guidance from Brian and a lot of consistent perseverance but we eventually got the pool water balanced and cleared and now it is crystal clear. The Bionizer was installed around mid January 2021 so for the last few weeks, the pool has been clear and looking wonderful. I have done next to nothing since except test copper levels each week and ensure the water remains balanced and that's it! I've not had to do anything else and the claims are true!!

As someone who suffers from chronic urticaria (hives) and other allergies, swimming in chlorinated water was doing nothing for my skin or allergies. Now I get out of the pool and my skin is not irritated. There is no more trademark tackiness of your skin that you get with chlorinated water. This system is simply fabulous!! I am delighted with the results and would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to kiss goodbye to all those awful chemicals, the endless trips to the pool shop for water analysis, the ever increasing costs of all the chemicals and the hours spent labouring trying to keep your pool water from going green!

Do yourself and everyone who swims in your pool a huge favour and install the Bionizer system. I'm sure you will conclude it will be one of the best decisions you ever made!!!

Robert Rovere 12/2020

Google Review
We first bought a Bionizer at the start of 2019 to try it and recently also bought the Eco Oxidizer to take our commitment to the next level because we were so happy with our purchase. We were astounded at how little maintenance our pool has needed since we added these quality products to the upkeep of our pool. The initial outlay has already paid for itself in full quite easily since.

Visitors even comment on how clean they feel in our pool and they love that there is no chlorine smell on their body or hair. Skin conditions like my eczema are not aggravated and my wife who has MS now feels confident to exercise daily and feel safe about spending all that time in the pool due to the health benefits of using our Bionizer. The pool always looks good and I have attached pictures for you to see for yourselves.

On a personal level the staff at this company are a pleasure to deal with, very caring and compassionate to their customers needs and give excellent service as they are very passionate about health and their products. If you are thinking of investing in these products then you will be very glad you did.