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pH Boss

pH Boss is our fully automated 'set-and-forget' pH controller. It AUTOMATICALLY monitors the pH level of your pool! A well-balanced pool reduces the need for extra chemicals, thus saving you money. (See description below) Perfect pH Balance Perfect Control. Get it Now!

Bionizer 2-250L

The Bionizer 2-250L model is our pool ioniser that will sanitise any pool up to 250,000 litres. Bionizer is an intelligent ionising system with that will automatically calculate the exact level of ionising your pool needs. Swim in clean, pure, fresh, drinking quality pool water! Pure Water Technology at your fingertips… Buy Now!


The Eco-Oxidizer is a powerful all-natural oxidizer that will keep your pool water sparkling and healthy by oxidizing oils, lotions, perspiration and swimmer waste out of the water. It also eliminates harmful chloramines and trihalomethanes from the pool water. Eco-Oxidizer "blows away the cobwebs that cloud your pool." Healthy Clean Tech!


Oxi-BOSS is for semi-commercial and commercial pools, where fully automatic measurement and control of liquid chlorine is required. SEE DESCRIPTION BELOW. Precise Chlorine Levels For When You Need It!


BioDoser eliminates the chore of dosing pool liquids! BioDoser is a semi-automatic dosing system. This time-saving equipment can be used to regularly dispense a preset dose of any liquid pool supplement of your choice.

Bionizer Test Kit Pack

pH & Total Alkalinity Test Kit + Copper Test Kit
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