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Bionizer is in 35 countries from hotel pools to backyard pools.

Benefits of a Freshwater Pool

  • Swim in chlorine-free, High-quality pool water!
  • Easy maintenance, RELIABLE system, 5 Year Warranty
  • SAVE $hundreds on annual pump costs
  • SAVE $hundreds on chemical costs
  • No more rusting pool surrounds from salt
  • No more chlorine allergies
  • Adapts seamlessly to varying environmental conditions, ensuring reliable performance year-round.
  • No need to drain & refill the pool
  • Bionizer is in 35 countries from hotel pools to backyard pools.

Bionizer’s Ultimate Freshwater Pool System

  • A Life-changing, Freshwater pool system…revolutionizing your daily routine.
  •  Uncover the advantages that the Bionizer Freshwater Pool System can bring to both your pocket and pool.
  • Achieve your dream pool effortlessly with the latest technology of Auto pH Balance and Auto Oxidization.
  • Our 90-day money-back guarantee allows you to prove it to yourself risk-free.

Find out more about pH Boss and Exo-Oxidizer.

How our three components work to create the healthiest pool you could imagine.


Bionizer running costs are low: Bionizer SAVES you $500 – $1000 p.a. compared to using a Salt Chlorinator or Chlorine dosing system.


Bionizer pools not only will save TIME and MONEY but will give you the ultimate freshwater swimming experience.


The healthy drinking quality water will allow you to backwash safely onto your garden and plants. Safe for your family, good for the planet.