About Us

Bionizer was founded in 2000, and is committed to creating a healthier environment by innovating a wide range of products for chlorine-free pool systems. With an office in Maroochydore, Queensland, and its production facility in Redland Bay in Queensland, Bionizer’s industry-leading products are all designed and manufactured in Australia.
Today you can find our products in over 35 countries: in hotels, resorts, swim schools as well as thousands of domestic pools.

Over the past years our company has seen a strong increase in pool owners looking for pool sanitation options that are chlorine free or low on chemical use. This growing trend is not only for environmental reasons, but also from a general new awareness of organic products and the need to minimize harsh chemicals that impact pool owners' health and that of their family. We have noticed more people are searching for pool solutions that are safe for children prone to asthma or allergies. Bionizer has made it its mission to provide as many people as possible with the best low-chemical solution for their pool, their family and the planet.

What is Bionizer?

Bionizer is a salt water pool chlorinator replacement system that uses ionisation technology to sanitise pool water. It uses natural mineral ions (copper and silver) to transform swimming pools and spas to fresh drinking-quality water - without using chemicals such as chlorine. Bionizer works as a swimming pool purifier for all types of pools and spas whether it is an above ground swimming pool or in-ground pool or spa.

A Bionizer pool system will completely replace your chlorinator or salt chlorinator system and leave your pool with clear, sparkling, healthy and fresh water that will give you the best swimming experience you will ever have. No more dry skin and hair, no more red eyes and no more corrosive salt.

Bionizer is the only fully digitalised ioniser that controls the pool pump through its own digital timer. It is an intelligent ionising system that will calculate how much ionising your pool needs without over-ionising, regardless of the pump time you set.


With our different pool sanitising modules Bionizer provides the perfect system for your pool. With your Bionizer purchase comes a detailed instruction book, comprehensive help and troubleshooting advice, a pool water analysis tool and installation and programming videos. Plus, our experienced pool experts are available to answer any questions you may have with regards to installing your products, balancing your pool correctly or any other questions you need answered.

Installing a Bionizer on your pool comes with a long list of benefits. Plus you receive a no-risk to you 90 days money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the performance of your product(s), we will give you a full refund – no questions asked.

Health Benefits
Health Benefits

Our No Chlorine / Low Chlorine Eco Pool System gives thousands of families the relief that children or adults with chemical sensitivities need no longer suffer chlorine allergies or other adverse reactions to this chemical. Many swim schools are choosing Bionizer to sanitize their pools so that children are not effected by asthma-activating chemicals. Chlorine is bio-accumulative in the human body and when mixed with urine in pool water creates carcinogenic bi-products called tri-halomethanes and chloramines.

Additionally, mineral ions do not ruin bathing suits, dry out hair and skin or leave an unpleasant odour on your person after swimming. No longer will you or your children suffer from red stinging eyes. Bionizer will give you the ultimate, pure and worry free swimming experience.

Easy Pool Maintenance With Bionizer

Maintaining your Bionizer pool is so simple, it’s extraordinary.

Bionizer involves two simple tests once a week, one test a fortnight and two tests monthly. Unbelievably, this is all it takes to keep your swimming pool and spa in crystal clear, sparkling condition year round.

Swimming in fresh drinking-quality water should be every pool owner’s joy. The Bionizer pool purifier will deliver to you an algae free and pure pool day in day out with the bare minimum of effort and expense.

No Stabilizer Needed

No stabilizer is required (unlike chlorine) as the natural ions will remain in the water for weeks – even if your Bionizer was switched off. The mineral ions produced are unaffected by high water temperature (unlike chlorine) and prefer a pH range between 7.0 and 7.4 (as does chlorine).

Silver & Copper Anodes

Bionizer anodes are sacrificial and will require replacing. The anode change-over process is quick and easy. The average size pool (50,000 litres) will change anodes about every 2.5 to 3 years with normal use. You will know when to change anodes as the Bionizer tells you when it’s time to do so.

Minimal Water Tests

The Bionizer owner needs only to perform two simple tests per week, one test every fortnight, and two tests every month to enjoy a consistent level of pool/spa water quality that has not, until now, been achievable without moderate to high chemical use and expense. These TWO tests every week will only take about 5 minutes.

Do these tests and use the “boost” feature on the Bionizer when the water is under environmental stress – i.e. heavy rain/wind – and we will virtually guarantee you a trouble free pool or spa.

Save Time

Time-saving automation and ease of use, is central to the design of Bionizer products. Your precious time is saved on less pool maintenance with the Bionizer unit. With fewer water tests needed to balance your pool, your focus can return to swimming enjoyment and family fun. Do you want to save more time and make it even easier? Check out our automated pH control, pH Boss – it is a pool owner’s gift.


Even though a Bionizer Pool System (unlike most other ionizers) is compatible with the latest Zeolite and glass beads filter medium, our number 1 and 2 preferred filter media are silica sand and glass.

Fast Setup

Bionizer attaches to your pool /spa system easily and quickly – even the most inexperienced person will be able to install and set up the Bionizer for operation within minutes – 30 minutes at most. You will be amazed at the difference that a Bionizer system makes to your life and your power bills.

Save Money and the Environment
Low Running Costs

Running costs are less than a couple of dollars a week for replacement anodes, a minimal amount for an oxidizer, plus a negligible outlay for power is all it takes.

Low Power Usage

Power usage is negligible. The Bionizer has two timers; one for the pool pump and one for the ionizer. It is an automatic, digitally controlled system. A software program controls the unit and it is very simple to set up. Just choose the filtering times/cycle and set the ionizing period. That’s it. Turn it to Auto and the Bionizer will do the rest.

No Corrosion

Bionizer Pool Systems use no salt. This is a money saver for you, as weekly salt purchases are gone, plus your pool surrounds do not corrode and damage your hard earned home investments. With the option of a chlorine free operation, you’ll have no more sore red eyes and no more corroded screens or rotted faded swimwear. No more dry skin or hair that splits when dried.

Save Money

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Crystal Clear Water
Oxidizer to Polish Water

An oxidizer (hydrogen peroxide, potassium mono-persulphate or chlorine) will be required from time to time to polish the water free of oils like suntan lotion, hair oils, perspiration etc. Check out our powerful Eco-Oxidizer for an all-natural, safe, healthy solution to water oxidizing, and make your swimming chlorine-free.