Other Items / Spare Parts

pH BOSS Tee Piece

pH BOSS Tee Piece for pH Probe, including One Way Valve

AC/DC Adaptor, 12V, 1Amp

AC/DC adaptor for pH BOSS, Eco-Oxidizer, Mini-B and BioDoser


The BioViser is designed to protect your Bionizer products from the sunlight and rain.

Mineral Start-Up Ions

Adding mineral start-up ions to your pool water will allow you to easily raise the copper level in your pool. We recommend the use of mineral start-up ions for new Bionizer customers or customers who have emptied and refilled their pool (when copper reading is 0.0).

pH Boss Acid Feeder Kit

Replacement Squeeze Tube for the pH Boss Periastaltic Pump includes the rotor/rollers and all tubing.
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