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6 Reasons Why You Should Want A Pool Cover

Pool Covers

6 Reasons Why You Should Want A Pool Cover

1. Keep the pool clean

By covering your pool with a pool cover you can drastically reduce the amount of debris getting into your pool. Not only will this save you on pool maintenance, it will also reduce the workload of your pool cleaner.

2. Minimise cooling down

A pool cover or pool blanket works as insulation for your pool water. Especially at night, when the outside temperature drops below the temperature of the pool water, your pool cover will create a barrier between the colder air and the warmer water, reducing the loss of temperature.

3. Save water

Did you know that the average outdoor pool in Australia loses around 30,000 to 40,000 liters of water each year through evaporation? A quality, long lasting pool cover (when in use), can reduce water loss from evaporation by over 95%.

4. Reduce chemical use

By reducing debris and reducing water evaporation, you will also reduce the amount of chemicals needed. With little to no debris in the pool, the use of sanitiser (e.g. chlorine or ionising output) will be reduced as it doesn’t have to work to fight off phosphates that come with the debris.

5. Reduce pool heating costs

A pool blanket or pool cover will also reduce your pool heating costs by up to 50%. 90% of heat loss comes from the surface of the pool. When preventing your pool water to cool down, you will save energy costs on having to warm up your pool to the desired temperature.

6. Extend the swimming season

Especially when you do not use a pool heater to keep your pool water warm, using a pool cover or blanket will keep your pool water warmer for longer and therefore extend the swimming season.

Happy swimming!



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